“All large corporations have their own research laboratories – for the cars of the future, aircrafts of the future, computers of the future. Auroville is the laboratory for the society of the future.”

Gilles, Aurovilian


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03. - 11.12.2010 participation in "ESoDoc – European Social Documentary" in India with PIONEERS OF DAWN - a training initiative for Indian and European documentary filmmakers, supported by MEDIA International and organised by ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media in collaboration with FORMEDIA – Foundation for Responsible Media (New Delhi).

Is it possible to achieve Utopia?

Building an international city - independent; bridging cultures; ecologically responsible; without personal possessions, without money, without religion and without politics. Can this at all be possible?

In Auroville, a west-eastern Utopia in southern India, 2.200 inhabitants from 45 nations embarked on the experiment of living as "people of the future".

A laboratory of human development it chugs, fizzles and smokes at every corner. Through this explosive mixture we follow five Aurovillians through the daily tightrope walk and conflict between their ideals and the challenging realities of life.

Is it possible to achieve Utopia?